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Flamingo $20 Dollar Trick Upgrade Gone Wrong?

The Flamingo

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas

My buddy, let’s call him Paws, just got back from Vegas. Inspired by my post: Free Room Upgrade? Let me introduce you to “The $20 Trick” he decided to give the trick a try since he was going to be in town for four nights in a standard room.

Paws approached the Flamingo reservation desk and presented the twenty bucks sandwich style and inquired about an upgrade. The reservation host took the twenty, set it aside, and said she could accommodate his request. Everything went smooth.

As Paws approached his now “suite” upgrade he noticed a larger than normal door. He entered and was immediately hit with a strong cigarette smoke smell. He then noticed the large oversized bathroom door. Well needless to say it didn’t take long for Paws to realize he was in an OLD special needs accessibility suite. But now tired and hungry from the flight, he put down his luggage and headed for some food and drinks.

Several hours later Paws returns, now exhausted and buzzed, heads for bed. When he pulled back the covers he had the strange feeling that the linens on the bed weren’t changed from the previous occupier. But given his current condition Paws got in anyway. After laying there for a few minutes trying to get comfortable he felt something change. Paws reached down by his feet and extracted a dirty sock that wasn’t his! He immediately threw it across the room and promptly fell asleep, ahhhhh…….the miracle of alcohol

Besides the sock there was a host of other issues, mainly due to the fact that the room hasn’t been updated in decades. Regardless, the next morning Paws went down to complain and was quickly moved to another cruddy standard non-refurbished Flamingo room.

Lessons learned / Tip: Don’t stay at Flamingo and be aware the “Trick” may not always work in your favor.

FYI – The other sock was never found. (Not to imply that Paws was looking for it)

Review: Palace Station Hotel and Casino

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas2

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas2

Leading up to our January 7 – 12, 2010 trip we received a post card in the mail for a free hotel stay in a deluxe room (Standard) at select Station Casino’s. After looking up reviews and locations we decided to take Stations up on their offer and selected Palace Station. We thought, what the heck, we’ll save money and besides we like trying new properties.

We arrived in Las Vegas late Thursday night, 1.5 hours later than planned due to Snow and de-icing out of Detroit Metro. We headed straight for Palace Station, of course taking Las Vegas Blvd even though there was a quicker route. Anyway, the Check-in process went very smooth and quick as the registration host was extremely friendly. The elevators were conveniently close by as we headed up to our room on the 27th floor. I joked to my wife as I noticed the 27th floor was the top, Penthouse baby here we come. When we got out of the elevator we noticed immediately how nice the hallway was, it was much nicer than expected.

2411 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV‎ 89102 – (702) 367-2411

Our room 27-727 was just down the hall from the elevator. We opened the door and again were surprised, as we entered the small hallway to the main room. The room was very Large with a King size bed, end tables, Full size couch, Large coffee table, Table and chairs, and a huge entertainment center with attaching bookshelves which housed books and various knick knacks. However, a large plasma TV was the center of attention. There was also a bar like counter with a sink for convenience.

Moving on to the bathroom, it was huge! Large jet tub, glass shower, double sinks with granite countertops and vanity, and large surrounding mirrors. There was a small flat panel TV for your viewing pleasure while getting ready. The toilet was behind a separate door for privacy.

The entire suite was about 35 by 30 feet long with 12-15 foot ceilings. A window made up the entire wall over looking downtown Las Vegas with Circus Circus and the Stratosphere in plain sight. It was an awesome view in the morning as the mountains surrounded the city.

See for yourself, youtube.com video walkthrough:

Well after we put down our bags and looked around the room we were ready for something to eat so we headed downstairs. There is a Starbucks, Bakery, a restaurant, Subway and Buffet on the premises, unfortunately they were all closed. So we decided to head out for a quick bite since we were practically starved. Across the street were several restaurants, most were closed but two, a McDonalds and an In-n-Out Burger. I hate McDonalds but have heard many positive things about In-n-Out so we headed for the drive thru. In-n-Out lives up to its motto “Quality you can taste”. Prices were reasonable and the food was good.

After eating we headed back to play around for awhile. The casino was your average “locals” style casino with a variety of new and old slots machines. Table games had better than strip odds and low minimums with seating available. As typical with locals casino’s their video poker machines had better payouts too. There is also a small sports book on the property.

Regarding Drinks, overall waitress service was good with drink quality average.

Along with the free night offer was a buy one, get one free buffet coupon. So the next morning we headed to the buffet. Breakfast is regularly $6.99 each so for a mere seven bucks and some change we both ate. The Buffet was clean and inviting with ample selections to choose from though nothing to rave about. It most certainly was adequate and met its purpose of supplying us nourishment for the day.

Though I wouldn’t want to stay here for an entire Las Vegas trip, mainly because of its distance from the strip, I would definitely consider it again if arriving very late or other like reason.

Overall the room was clean (with exception to minor hard to reach areas) and comfortable. We were pleasantly surprised by our suite upgrade. Our morning buffet was good and so was the Starbucks coffee. Palace Station offers many slot and table games to choose from. Casino vibe was that of a typical locals style casino indicated by a mix of both locals and tourists. Hotel/Casino staff was friendly and accommodating. Therefore, I am giving Palace Station a rating of 3 out of 5 chips.

The Volcano at Mirage Resort Hotel and Casino

Mirage Volcano

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas

First a little history, the volcano at the Mirage first opened in 1989, then in 1996 water, lighting, and sound effects were added. Most recently the Volcano has gone through a complete redesign at a tune of 25 Million! It reopened in December of 2008.

The Volcano and accompanying lagoon has always been a popular attraction with tourists. And for good reason:

• It’s FREE
• It is located right on the strip in front of the Mirage

With this said there should be no reason why you wouldn’t check it out.

On our January, 2010 trip we were walking down the strip when we remembered that we haven’t seen the new redesigned volcano yet. We looked at the time; it was 8:32 so we had almost a half hour wait. Because it was our last full night in Vegas we questioned whether to wait and see it or not. Well we stayed and glad we did. Check out the video and see for yourself why:

Now the video can only show so much you really need to see and experience it for yourself. The music is powerful and timed perfectly with the erupting fireballs, some reaching 12 feet in the air, and the heat from the eruption can be felt against your skin. Since it was in the 40’s it felt good, probably not so much in the summer heat.

  • The Volcano erupts nightly every hour on the hour from dusk to 11 p.m.

Verdict: The Volcano is a worthwhile attraction and merits your valuable Vegas time. It’s Free and right on the strip so I am giving it 4 out of 5 chips!

What would you NEVER do again in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Strip

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas2

Oh what a great question this is. I frequently peruse and participate in forum discussions at Trip Advisor. Someone posted this question and as you could imagine it received an overwhelming response with over 120 replies. I found the replies both entertaining and informative. They kind of answer many questions people ask or wonder about when planning a Vegas trip. The replies have confirmed mental notes I have made to myself, “NEVER eat at the Riviera Hotel Casino buffet again!” and so on…….

Since I enjoyed them so much I thought you might enjoy them as well so I went through them all and plucked out my favorite, cleaned them up and made a few comments. Regardless of how many times you’ve been to Vegas you should be able to take something away from these.

TipTrip Advisor is a great site for hotel reviews and everything else trip related regardless of where you’re headed. I use it to get hotel price ranges, see honest photos taken by reviewers, and to review area attractions. I highly recommend it, check it out.


Forum Replies:

NEVER go to Circus Circus or Slots a Funk (Fun) again!

I would NEVER do so much shopping without working out how to get my purchases home first – or leave shipping everything until the last day!

I’ll NEVER spend New years Eve in Vegas again

I will NEVER leave Vegas before 6:30am – You don’t know how bad this is until you’ve done it, avoid if at all possible

I will NEVER eat at the IP (Imperial Palace) buffet again

I will probably NEVER go to Las Vegas with family (parents, sister, brother, niece, ect.) again. I find it very hard to have an intimate family time in Vegas.

I will NEVER go when money is so tight I have to watch every penny.

I will NEVER take a red eye flight to Vegas without having a room ready when we arrived.

I will NEVER take money from an ATM from my credit card. Fees are ridiculous.

I will NEVER visit Las Vegas for only one or two nights.

NEVER ever keep playing the same slot machine, because I was stupid to think it’s going to hit.

I will NEVER stay at a dump like the Riviera again to save money

I will NEVER book a red eye flight home when checking out of my hotel at 11 am that day – Having a rent a car is priceless in this situation

I will NEVER put more than $20 in a non-paying slot thinking that “it is bound to start hitting!”

I will NEVER stay Off Strip again. I am a Strip person, through and through.

We will NEVER see the Blue Man Group again – This one surprised me, but there were several postings, I guess it’s not for everyone

We will NEVER go with family & friends who only have a $20 budget (per day)! – I can’t even imagine!

NEVER get lured into Casino Royale with “free money” from their Zoltar fortune-telling machine. First you had to sign up for their casino card and then learned that you will be playing certain “special” slots machines with the credit to win a chance at a pot. It took forever to lose all our “free money”. We should have just walked away. – Been there, done that, live and learn

I will NEVER go to another timeshare presentation – that was 3 hours wasted out of 4 days of precious Vegas time.

I will NEVER walk from New York New York to the stratosphere because it didn’t look that far. – Distances are deceiving on the strip
and the sidewalks aren’t straight

I will NEVER ever go with none gamblers again they stand behind you and say why do you think this is fun? What is the attraction? As my other friend said they just “sucked all the fun out of gambling”. – Once again, I can’t imagine

I will NEVER remember that the Tropicana casino is not worth walking across the bridge to visit it.

I will NEVER gamble more than the amount I plan for each day. Never chase comps!

I will NEVER again go see the Show in the Sky at the Rio. – Don’t get me started…

I will NEVER go to Las Vegas and think I will get by on my winnings.

I will NEVER go over my personal drink limit while gambling. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I will NEVER book a flight somewhere else with an 8 hour layover in Vegas. Sounded fun at the time. I lost more on that layover than our regular vacation.

I will NEVER again stay in 5 hotels in 6 nights.

I will NEVER forget that I’m in Las Vegas on vacation, and given my limited time there, there are some things more important than saving $10 on something….

I will NEVER stay at a hotel with the idea that it’s just a place to sleep and clean up at. I discovered that a nice room DOES matter.

I will NEVER drink too much and spend the following day or two trying to recover- Vegas time is too precious – Amen

I will NEVER ever go with friends who bring their kid! – See Post: Children in Vegas

I’ll NEVER go to Bonanza (world’s largest gift shop) again

I will NEVER again worry about a strip view when I NEVER look out the window once after the day I arrive….I would prefer a better room that a better view.

I will NEVER again buy new shoes for a Vegas trip

I will NEVER stay at the same hotel for 6 years (MGM). Once I started checking out different hotels (off and on the strip) I was addicted. – I love trying new hotels

NEVER buy a wristband pass to a club from the street promoters even if they are legitimate, they will tell you anything to sell you the wristbands. – Never buy anything from a street vendor/person

I will NEVER again decide it is a great idea to do a round of golf midday when the temperature is 120.

I will NEVER again leave all my money in Vegas again!

Have your own “NEVER do again in Vegas” you would like to share? Well go ahead leave it in comments.

Up, Up and Away! Stratosphere Las Vegas


Originally uploaded by scottyvegas2

Have you ever been to the Stratosphere? You know, that tall needle like structure way north on the strip? Funny how most people I talk to say they’ve never been there. Yet the Stratosphere seems to always be in the background of every Las Vegas ad you see. The problem with the Stratosphere is that nothing is close to it and it takes effort to get there.

But if you’ve never been there before maybe you should consider it, why, you ask? Well if anything else it has several unique attractions that no other hotel in Vegas has. The first and most obvious is that it is the tallest building in Las Vegas and offers spectacular views of the whole city and the surrounding mountains. The amount of Air traffic in the Las Vegas air space is unreal. Blimps, helicopters, and planes are everywhere all day, every day. It’s a neat experience to be at level with a flying blimp or helicopter. If that isn’t enough in itself the top of the Stratosphere is home to three record breaking thrill rides.

  • X-Scream – Is like a giant teeter-totter 866 feet above ground and 27 feet over the edge!
  • Insanity – Will spin you at a 70 degree angle 64 feet over the edge at up to 3G’s!
  • Big Shot – Shoot’s you up 160 feet at 45 mph to a total height of 1081 feet above ground!

(I’ve been on X-Scream, The Roller Coaster (removed 12/2005), and Big Shot. Let me tell you the Big Shot is a trip.)

As you would imagine there is also a restaurant at the top of the tower that revolves 360 degrees. Though I’ve heard mixed reviews regarding food quality the view/experience gets thumbs up.

I’ve only been to the Stratosphere once back in 01/2005 and I really don’t remember too much about the casino floor but do recall having to go through a cheesy “mall” like area before getting to the elevators that takes you to the observation decks. The shops in the “mall” area were not very appealing, flee market type stuff. I also recall the whole place being kind of a dirty dump. But don’t let this stop you. If you’re feeling adventurous to experience Vegas a little different, consider visiting the Stratosphere because the rides and observations decks won’t disappoint!

Cost (as of 11/09):

TOWER TICKETS (Observation Deck)
Adult – $15.95
Child – $10.00
Big Shot -$13.00
xScream – $12.00
Insanity – $12.00
Tower Admission + All Rides $35.95 (Extreme All Day Unlimited Package)
Tower Admission + 3 Rides – $29.95
Tower Admission + 2 Rides – $25.95
Tower Admission +1 ride – $21.95

Interesting fact: Since its opening in 1996, five people have jumped to their deaths from the top of the tower.

Sports, Drink, Food…..

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas2

Looking for somewhere to watch the game? Have a drink? Or get a bite to eat? If so, consider Blondie’s Sports Bar & Grill located in the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino.

So what’s so special about this place? Well, value of course, why else would I be telling you about it? Blondie’s is your typical sports bar, tons of TV’s, drink specials and a full menu. Most importantly it’s located just a few steps away from the Planet Hollywood Casino and the strip itself and they offer plenty of money saving coupons. For instance:

Tip:  Blondie’s has a daily “Happy Hour” between 3pm and 6pm where for $20 it’s all you can drink domestic draught and well drinks. Want a better deal? Use this coupon for Buy one get one FREE in other words, two can drink to your hearts content for three hours for only $10 each!

So, place your sports bet at the PH sports book. Keep the drink vouchers they give you for a later time. Then head over to Blondie’s to watch the game and drink your fill for $10.

Tip: Blondie’s also offers food discount coupons on their website.

Tip: Blondie’s also offers “Gift Certificates” for purchase at Restaurant.com which provides real value. Search zip code: 89109

Note: As far as service goes I’m 50/50. My first experience was great, the waitress was extremely attentive. The second time around the waitress we got was a complete ditz, so good luck.  

 Hungry? Blondie’s Famous Beer Can Chicken is awesome and extremely filling. It’s basically a whole chicken cooked with a full can of Budlight Lime shoved up its ass.

Hello Palms Place Suite Las Vegas!

A friend of mine got an invitation to stay with his buddy in a suite at Palms Casino’s Palm Place. The suite was provided by The Palms along with the entry fee for the 2009 World Series of Poker Tournament.

Location: 4321 W. Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, Approx 1.5 miles from the Strip


Description/Amenities: All suites (different sizes available), No casino in building, Pool and Spa on location, Two Restaurants/Bar/Lounges

Nice thing about the Palms Casino is they have a lot of casual dining in addition to upscale restaurants.  There is a food court with a McDonalds and other fast food, a 24/7 cafe, and a very low cost buffet with good reakfast/lunch food.

The pool on the weekends is a lot like college spring break, very young party crowd. 

The clubs at night draw a ton of 20-somethings. 

Casino Floor Accessibility: 4-5 minute walk. You need to take the elevator to the 2nd floor, and then a fairly long walk to the casino.  Note – there are two moving walkways which help. 

View: The room was a corner unit on the 22nd floor. All the suites have a side view of the strip.  The view was facing the Venetian/Encore/Trump with a really nice balcony.  Also, the master bedroom had a view 180 deg opposite of the strip.  So overall an awesome view, although the corner unit really helped.

Recommendation: Overall the casino portion of the Palms is very small compared to the other main casinos and is nothing very exciting. It’s a great place to stay if you are young and want to party but if you are not young and don’t want to party, the palms is very bad choice to stay at.

One more thing, from the palms you can walk across the street to Gold Coast Casino which is a very nice, low cost place to gamble.  But other than that you are pretty isolated at the Palms.  It’s about a 15 minute walk to the Rio and you really need to take a taxi or other transportation to go anywhere else.

Special thanks to Maxim (nice lid!) for the video and John for the review…

Vegas Trip: January 22 – 25, 2009

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas

Air Carrier: Spirit Air, $38.50 per person (taxes and fees included), round trip, non-stop through the Spirit Air’s $9 club.

Tip: If you are a Spirit Air MasterCard holder you can board the plane with first class regardless of zone. This is handy as overhead storage fills up quickly and by boarding early it almost guarantees you storage over your seat.

Rent a Car: Dollar Rent a Car, $10/day, $46.95 Total for trip (taxes and fees included).

Tip: Dollar Express member (Free membership) allows you to avoid the long lines at the counter. Basically get in the car and drive.


  • The Wynn Hotel, Thursday, January 22, 2009, $119 (with taxes and fees) received $150 in free play. Direct email promotion from Wynn.
  • New York New York, Friday and Saturday, $69/night or $150 total with taxes, received $25 in free play, 20% off select restaurants. Direct email promotion from New York New York.


This time around, my wife and I had a night flight. We departed Detroit Metro at 8:10pm and arrived in Vegas at 9:50pm (Vegas time) in the rain, yes rain. After we picked up our car (Dodge Caliber) we drove directly to the Wynn Hotel to check in. Thursday night we basically hung out at the Wynn and went over to the Encore (opened 12/2008) to check it out. Both properties are fantastic! It’s amazing how everything is so well thought out. Self parking is right off of Las Vegas Blvd, Registration was a breeze and very fast. The elevators to our room were right off the casino floor, always a huge plus in my book. Drinks at the Wynn are great some of the best in Vegas.

Check out our $109 room, YouTube.com Video:


Don’t ask me why, but for us, Vegas isn’t about sleeping in and chilling out. It’s all go time, we were up and out by 7:00am, even though we just went to bed at 3:00am. First thing we did was pick up a couple of overpriced coffees at a shop in Encore.  We played at Encore and Wynn for awhile then headed for the Strip. We went directly to the Palazzo (next door to the Wynn). No sooner did the last drop of coffee go down did a Corona appear in front of me, magic? No, Vegas baby!!  Next was The Venetian. I must say these four properties are my favorite on the strip. They are all in a row, have great drinks, good music, and beautiful surroundings!

We checked out of the Wynn at approx 11:00am and headed to New York, New York where we spent the next two nights. Once again check in was very quick and easy, no line what so ever, staff was not as friendly as the Wynn’s. The elevator was conveniently located between the parking garage and the casino floor making it very easy to get to the car or the casino floor. The room was disappointing, apparently not a newly refurbished one. In hinds sight I should have asked for another room but we were eager to get out and get going. Time is precious in Vegas when you only have three days. The remainder of the day was a blur. We literally covered the entire strip walking every step of the way. Let me tell you it all became a little ridiculous after a while. We returned to the hotel around 9:00pm to get ready for the night.       

Tip: After a long day coving the strip don’t lay down before getting ready to head out for the evening. Odds aren’t in your favor for making it out again.

Tip: Remember, Vegas is a marathon, not a sprint. If you start early pace yourself or you will miss the night. Lessons learned!


Got up early and headed out to visit some off strip properties. The following list is the order we went in.

Silverton CasinoSee review from 11/14 – 11/17 2008 trip

Southpoint Casino  See review from 11/14 – 11/17 2008 trip

Red Rock Casino – Wow!!! I was very impressed by Red Rock Casino as I was the whole area. Red Rock is about 15 miles East of the Strip. The Casino is laid out nicely with plenty of clubs and restaurants. As usual with Station Casinos there is a mini food court, full movie theater, arcade, and bowling alley on the premises. The pool looks great as we went out and looked around. Drink service was good, waitresses were friendly, and drinks were tasty. This place just has a good vibe about it. Oh, did I mention I came out with more money than I went in with? I will definitely go back..

Red Rock CanyonClick to see review

Aliante Casino – Aliante Hotel Casino opened in November of 2008 and is also a Station Casino. It’s located about 10 or so miles north of the Strip. The review for Red Rock Casino can apply to Aliante as they are very similar in style and amenities. Station casinos were good to me as I also left with more money than I came in with thanks to a deuces wild multi-hand video poker machine and four deuces.

Observation: Locals Casinos offer amenities that cater to the surrounding communities with theaters, bowling alleys and arcades. It’s weird to being playing a game, drinking an adult beverage and smell popcorn. When you look up you see a line with families going to the show. Or in sports books you see friends and neighbors gathering to watch a game like they would at a local bar.

Downtown – Now I hate to diss anything Vegas and I am sure many people love it here, but I have determined that the Fremont Experience is NOT for me. The casinos are old, cramped, in need of repair, and are very smokey. The description given to the casinos can also describe many of the patrons, it’s basically your flea market crowd, not that there’s anything wrong with that. With that said, you can get some good value there. Table game minimums are low and food deals are plenty, however, I didn’t stick around long enough to sample neither.

Tip: The Golden Nugget offers one very cool feature, a salt water aquarium in the middle of the pool with large sharks swimming in it. It even has a transparent water slide that runs through the middle of it. 

After Downtown we headed back to the strip where we made rounds to Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, Paris, and Planet Hollywood. The Miss America pageant was going on at Planet Hollywood that night. After the event the girls were walking around with their sashes. It was interesting to see but wow what a bunch of prima donna’s. Finally we headed back to New York New York where we promptly passed out.


And then there was Sunday. Oh how time flies while in Vegas. Well at least we have the whole day because of the red eye home. We stayed mostly on the strip visiting our favorite casinos. Planet Hollywood is a fun place, the music is good, service is spotty but drinks are decent. The whole feel of the casino is like a club. Towards the end of the day my wife sat at a machine that was paying off, I came over and we had fun playing for awhile. It’s always good to hit when you are about to leave.

Departing Vegas at night kind of puts a damper on the whole day as you know you will soon be returning back to reality in a matter of hours. The flight was smooth and fast but I was not able to sleep much. We went straight home and passed out, again!

Trip Summary

Once again we went during the Chinese New Year. There was a noticeable difference compared to last year. Casinos were busy for the weekend but I didn’t notice as many Chinese people as we did in 2007 and Vegas wasn’t as decorated for the New Year either. Let it be known that January is an unpredictable month to visit. We experienced many different types of weather on this trip. Raining when we arrived even poured for awhile but temps were mild. Friday it was much cooler with off and on showers and overcast skies, but it cleared in the evening. Saturday was the best weather day. The sky was mostly sunny and temps reached 70 degrees, this was our best day. Sunday, the clouds returned and it was very windy, temps were cool and the wind made it feel even cooler, very uncomfortable. Once again we both contributed to the Las Vegas economy, but loses were kept to a minimum. Overall it was a good time and I eagerly await my next trip to Las Vegas!

Red Rock Canyon Excursion

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas

It’s easy (and rightly so) to get caught up in all the hoopla Vegas has going, but have you ever been walking down the strip then realize mountains were all around you? Living in the Detroit area where the only “mountain” is made out of trash covered by dirt, I find the mountains intriguing. So for our 1/22-1/25 trip I planned to head to Red Rock Canyon and check it out, I’m glad we did.

Tip: As a bonus, The Red Rock Hotel and Casino is on W. Charleston Street which is also the road that leads to the scenic Red Rock Canyon loop. Red Rock Hotel Casino (Station property) is worth the trip! (See 1/22-1/25 Trip Report).

Tip: If you own a GPS and plan on renting a car bring it along. If you don’t own one but plan on visiting off strip casino’s or other area attractions think about renting one from the car rental company. A GPS can make your side trips more fun by getting you there quicker and a whole lot less frustrating.

The Red Rock Canyon is a 13-mile scenic drive. The cost is $5 per car and has many parking areas so you can pull over and take pictures. The recreation area has many hiking trails with multiple degrees of difficulty. We saw plenty of hikers and people climbing the rocks. I was surprised to see many runners and cyclists along the drive. Interestingly enough this attraction receives over a million visitors a year. Supposedly wild burros and long horn sheep run wild, though we didn’t see any. There are also many springs within hiking distance, we didn’t visit them either. If we ever decide to stay longer than a few days I would love to come back and explore the area more keenly. If I ever decide to take up residence in Las Vegas this is an area I would be interested in.

The 411

  • Cost is $5.00 per vehicle
  • The Visitor Center is open daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm, closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.
  • 13-Mile Scenic Drive, Red Rock Overlook on State Route 159 and Red Spring
    • October 1 -31, 6am to 7pm
    • November 1 – February 28, 6am to 5pm
    • March 1 – March 31, 6am to 7pm

Red Rock Canyon Website

Hungry? Eat all you want, anytime you want, all day buffet for $25!

This is a new one for me. Excalibur Casino Hotel has this deal going but I’m not sure how long it will be going on for.


Now for the bad news. I heard the Excalibur buffet is not all that great, but if you’re a hardy type where quantity beats quality then this deal might be just right for you.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has ever eaten at the Excalibur buffet or takes advantage of this special. Leave a review by clicking “comments” below.