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    • • LV's McCarran International (LAS) is the 8th busiest Airport in the U.S. and number 23 in the world, with 41.7 million passengers
    • • 79 percent of McCarran's departures and 82 percent of arrivals are on time, the average departure delay is 52 minutes and arrival delay is 50 minutes, and cancellations are at 0.6 percent
    • • McCarran Airport is only two to four miles southwest of most Las Vegas Strip hotels
    • • Metered taxi fares to major hotels on the Strip cost approximately $15–$25. A consolidated car-rental center is three miles from the terminal and is accessed by shuttle bus. ScottyVegas always rents a car.
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Criss Angel – Don’t Be”LIE”ve this Cirque du Soleil LIE

Don’t Be”LIE”ve this Cirque du Soleil LIE. This show is NOT an “illusion spectacular” nor are there 40 “mind-blowing illusions”. This was a slow and boring let down. I’ve seen KA, Mystere, Zarkana, and Zumanity, I would, and have recommended each one of these. If you want to see Criss Angel save your money instead go to youtube and watch his video’s, then read his Wiki page because that’s what you will see at the show…. Seriously!

UntitledThis “fast paced” show was horribly slow. The I’m so cool Criss brings a 16 year old on stage, and then has an older woman tease the kid, so Criss can make “jokes” at his expense. This show was extremely awkward. It left many people looking around in disbelief. To be fair, some people, but very few, did seem to enjoy this miserable show. I think the overwhelming majority were to stun at the only illusion Criss and Cirque managed to pull off was to make the money paid for this show disappear.

This show stung so bad that we won’t be attending another Cirque du Soleil show doing our next Vegas trip. We decided instead to explore other Vegas offerings for a while. Listen to the reviews and pass on this show!

Getting an awesome Las Vegas hotel deal? Don’t forget about the resort fees!

No Resort Fees

It seems these days all Vegas hotels have screaming deals going on. It’s almost daily that I receive emails announcing incredibly low room rates at some of the strips best properties. But as you sit down to compare all the room offers be warned, all deals are not equal.

As the economy started to sputter in 2008 so did Vegas tourism and room rates. To help boost profits many Las Vegas properties started instituting “resort fees”. Though not necessarily new to the hotel business, they are new to Vegas and they range from a buck or two to over 24 dollars per night! The fee is mandatory and surprisingly enough the fee is even taxed at some places.

Note: Some hotels charge tax on resort fees!

So what does the resort fee cover? Well it varies by hotel but usually it covers such things as internet, newspaper, and local phone service. Some offer things such as free bottles of water while others offer fitness center or spa access (limited), so it all varies. But as a general rule higher resort fees usually include more stuff.

Tip: As a general rule higher resort fees usually include more stuff.

Tip: Las Vegas hotel tax is 12%.

When comparing hotels offers you should do a little homework and find out what, if any, resort fees apply and what it covers. That’s where http://www.vegas.com/incl/resortfees.html comes in. This site clearly lists every casino hotel in Vegas with resort fee amount, if any, plus what the fee includes.

For instance, you might be surprised to learn that all Vegas MGM Resort International properties have the mandatory resort fee (as of this writing, fee varies by property) where Caesars Entertainment (formally Harrah’s Entertainment) properties do not. Once you know this you can make a fare comparison. let’s take a look at an example, Say you’re comparing two offers, one from Planet Hollywood (Caesars) for $62/nt and one from Monte Carlo (MGM) for $49/nt,. For many unaware price conscious people, this may seem like a no brainer and choose Monte Carlo, but is it really the better deal? Let’s break it down with what we now know, we said Planet Hollywood was $64 (room rate per night) + $0 (resort fee) x 12% (hotel tax) = $69.44 per night. Now let’s look at the Monte Carlo offer, $49 (room rate per night) + $15 (resort fee) x 12% (hotel tax) = $71.68 per night, almost $2.00 more per night.

Note: All Vegas MGM properties have a mandatory resort fee (as of this writing, fee varies by property).

Tip: None of the Caesars Entertainment (formally Harrah’s Entertainment) properties charge resort fees.

Don’t disregard an offer just because the hotel charges a resort fee. Here are some things to also consider when deciding where to stay:

  • Will you use what the resort fee includes
  • Location
  • Reputation of hotel/reviews
  • Ease of access from room to casino floor/strip/parking garage
  • Free self parking/valet services
  • Pool(s)
  • Clubs
  • Spa services
  • Complementary shuttle service
  • Freeplay/Show offerings
  • Restaurants in your price range/taste near by

Tip: Many hotels charge resort fees even on Complementary rooms, this policy varies by hotel.

I guess it will remain to be seen whether or not resort fees survive after Vegas room rates return to normal levels or if negative press and complaints cause them to be discontinued.

In the mean time do your homework when deciding where to stay, compare offers and hotel amenities before making your decision, then relax.

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Las Vegas Porn Slappers or Card Flippers if you prefer..

Las Vegas is a one of a kind place that’s why I and millions of others like to frequent it as much as possible. Sure the strip is home to some of the world’s best hotels, shopping, dining, entertainment, and of course gaming. But did you know it’s also one of the best people watching spots too? Opportunities are abundant just about everywhere you go in the city of sin. But as the sun and temperature starts to go down the freak-o-meter begins to rise.

One unique “freaky” thing to Vegas is the porn slappers or card flippers as their also known. It’s interesting to hear what Vegas virgins have to say after they encounter porn slappers for the first time. In fact, I love watching unsuspecting passerby’s accept a card, look at it with a shocked expression, pass it to the person they’re with, see their shocked expression, then see them both eagerly discuss their unexpected experience.

People who’ve been before are well aware of the special cards low paying Mexican emigrants attempt to hand out to just about everyone who walks past them. The cards are baseball card sized, with pictures of one or more nude woman on them with a slogan such as, a girl to your door for a specific price.

Tip: Be warned the girls on the cards are not the girls who arrive at the door.

See porn slappers in action:

Here are some interesting facts about Las Vegas Porn Slappers:

  • Another name for porn slappers or flippers is hawkers
  • Many slappers work 12 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Surprisingly some flippers are very dedicated as some have distributed their material for over ten years!
  • Pay is low at only about $75 a day, or $6.25 an hour, less than minimum wage.
  • Many flippers are illegal immigrants
  • People who hand out handbills must have a permit to distribute them

Oh and one last thing, in case you get intrigued:

WARNING: Contrary to common belief prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas!

Although illegal inside the city of Las Vegas, prostitution is legal in many surrounding counties. In fact, Nevada is the ONLY US State to have some form of legalized prostitution.

As Gomer Pyle would say:

Surprise..Surprise Surprise….

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Flamingo $20 Dollar Trick Upgrade Gone Wrong?

The Flamingo

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas

My buddy, let’s call him Paws, just got back from Vegas. Inspired by my post: Free Room Upgrade? Let me introduce you to “The $20 Trick” he decided to give the trick a try since he was going to be in town for four nights in a standard room.

Paws approached the Flamingo reservation desk and presented the twenty bucks sandwich style and inquired about an upgrade. The reservation host took the twenty, set it aside, and said she could accommodate his request. Everything went smooth.

As Paws approached his now “suite” upgrade he noticed a larger than normal door. He entered and was immediately hit with a strong cigarette smoke smell. He then noticed the large oversized bathroom door. Well needless to say it didn’t take long for Paws to realize he was in an OLD special needs accessibility suite. But now tired and hungry from the flight, he put down his luggage and headed for some food and drinks.

Several hours later Paws returns, now exhausted and buzzed, heads for bed. When he pulled back the covers he had the strange feeling that the linens on the bed weren’t changed from the previous occupier. But given his current condition Paws got in anyway. After laying there for a few minutes trying to get comfortable he felt something change. Paws reached down by his feet and extracted a dirty sock that wasn’t his! He immediately threw it across the room and promptly fell asleep, ahhhhh…….the miracle of alcohol

Besides the sock there was a host of other issues, mainly due to the fact that the room hasn’t been updated in decades. Regardless, the next morning Paws went down to complain and was quickly moved to another cruddy standard non-refurbished Flamingo room.

Lessons learned / Tip: Don’t stay at Flamingo and be aware the “Trick” may not always work in your favor.

FYI – The other sock was never found. (Not to imply that Paws was looking for it)

Bring your children to Vegas…. NOT!


Originally uploaded by scottyvegas2

Sure the Excalibur is a castle, the Luxor is a pyramid, several roller coasters are speckled throughout the strip and the decrepit Circus Circus has/is a “circus show” (pun intended). At one point the Las Vegas marketing machine even tried to sell Vegas as a family destination but quickly axed the campaign for its ever
so famous tagline “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Well actually the original tagline was “What happens here stays here” but rapidly morphed.

If you are considering bringing the kids to the city of sin, stop it right now! If it’s a family vacation you seek go to Walt Disney World not Vegas. Remember, Vegas is an adult playground with adult activities. Some things may look kid friendly and some may even try to be, but the strip is anything but. Take a walk down the strip anytime during the day you will most certainly see many homeless people begging, sex ads o’plenty, and people freely drinking. After dark all bets are off. Porn slappers are everywhere like cockroaches in a sewer, scammers are out doing everything possible to extract your cash from your wallet, people are hanging out of cars in grid lock traffic yelling while highly intoxicated people are fumbling down the street, and prostitutes are, well, doing their thing.

Simply put, it’s my belief that kids don’t need to be exposed to this stuff and don’t belong anywhere near the strip at anytime during the day. If the kids must come along get a hotel room off strip and take them to see RedRock Canyon and The Hoover Dam not the strip.

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of ScottyVegas.com or official policies of the ScottyVegas.com. Bullshit, it’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!!

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Tips on how to find the lowest hotel rates in Las Vegas

Let the fun begin! Searching for hotels can be frustrating to say the least. Do a Google search for “best rate Las Vegas hotels” and you will get over a million hits. In this post I will illustrate how I go about looking for the lowest hotel rates in Las Vegas.

Before you begin, you will need to decide if you want to stay on or off the strip. If it is your first visit to Las Vegas staying on the strip is a must. Part of the allure of Vegas is the strip itself and staying anywhere other than on the strip your first time would be cheating yourself, well at least I think so. It is a great feeling walking out of your hotel and being right on Las Vegas Boulevard where all the action is.

Off strip casino hotels usually offer lower room rates, cheaper food prices, and lower table minimums. Some even offer shuttle buses to the strip. My advice remains, if it’s your first trip to Vegas, stay on the strip, even if you have to pay more.

Fat Wallet


Fatwallet is an online community where members share deals on almost anything. But if you look under Forums then Travel Deals and finally “Las Vegas Promos….” You’ll find current offered promotions from various Las Vegas hotels. I’ve stayed at Planet Hollywood for $79 per night using a promo code from this forum. When planning a trip to Vegas I always, always check out this Las Vegas Promo site.

Tip: Visit strip hotels websites and register your email address. They will send you hotel offers (promo’s).

Tip: When you visit Vegas sign up for each Casino’s players card.

What is a promo code? Casino hotels often send out postal mail and/or email to registered player card members announcing promotions (promo) to entice you to stay at their property. The promos usually involve a combination of: discounted hotel rates, free play (“free” money to gamble with), show discounts, and/or food discounts. A promo code will be printed on the promotional advertisement. When you call or reserve on the internet you will need this promo code.



TripRes.com is a Hotel broker site where the company buys blocks of hotel rooms and resells them at a discount. I have found some great deals at TripRes. The reservation process is very easy and I found the customer service reps knowledgeable about the company’s policies. As a bonus the reps I’ve talked to even spoke perfect English! I found the whole reservation process very easy and comforting.



This is another broker site. I always check this site when searching room rates. Like TripRes this site allows you to get a good idea on what the room prices will be during your stay. I like the sorting capabilities High to Low, Low to High, On strip, Off Strip, etc.. I have found some good deals through these broker sites. I have called hotels directly asking for the deals found on these sites and have been told they could not match them.

Warning: Before you book a room through a broker PLEASE read and familiarize yourself with the brokers cancelation policy.  Broker cancelation policies are stricter than when you book directly through the hotel itself and have penalties associated with cancelling reservations.

Regardless where you reserve your room do your homework first and don’t reserve the first “deal” you find.

Going Direct

Remember, if you find a good rate going direct, book it (as long as you can cancel) then search for better deals. You can always book the better deal and cancel the previous.

Tip:  Before you pick your trip dates you might want to check and make sure no large conventions are going on. Large conventions will impact hotel rates and possibly your overall experience in LV.

Here are a couple of sites that list convention dates and number of attendees



There are plenty of sites that have this information, just Google it.