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    Viva Las Vegas!!May 12, 2016
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    • • LV's McCarran International (LAS) is the 8th busiest Airport in the U.S. and number 23 in the world, with 41.7 million passengers
    • • 79 percent of McCarran's departures and 82 percent of arrivals are on time, the average departure delay is 52 minutes and arrival delay is 50 minutes, and cancellations are at 0.6 percent
    • • McCarran Airport is only two to four miles southwest of most Las Vegas Strip hotels
    • • Metered taxi fares to major hotels on the Strip cost approximately $15–$25. A consolidated car-rental center is three miles from the terminal and is accessed by shuttle bus. ScottyVegas always rents a car.
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The Eiffel Tower VEGAS Experience at Paris

WP_20131031_008When you see pictures or skyline views of the Las Vegas strip, the iconic Paris Hotel Casino Eiffel Tower (at half the size of the original) is no stranger. I personally have countless pictures and still find myself, trip after trip, snapping more.

If you didn’t know, there is a caged observation deck at the top of the tower and for one reason or another we’ve never been up there. But during our 1/2016, while in the casino playing, we happened to walk past a sign advertising the Eiffel Experience along with pricing. My wife noticed that FREE admission is given to those on their birthdays and to active military personnel. As that very day was my birthday, the FREE offer was too good to pass, so off we went to get my wife a ticket (Regular adult admission $19.25).

Tip: FREE admission is given to on the day birthdays and active Military Personal

Tip: Discount (think ½ off) admission tickets can be found at tix 4 tonight outlets all over the strip. See Discount coupon on the website


Have your camera ready because from the bridge to the elevators to the observation deck itself, many, many wonderful photo opportunities await. The 360 panoramic views of the strip and surrounding mountains is priceless. The Bellagio fountains are directly below and offer a unique viewing from 460 feet up!


Tip: Phone or Camera battery low? Make sure to have a full charge as photo ops are endless

Tip: Best time to visit is at dusk, see the mountains and the lights

Do yourself a favor and plan to visit the Eiffel Tower Experience during your next visit as it won’t disappoint!

jusqu’à la prochaine fois

How Well Do You Know The Las Vegas Strip Properties?

Anyone who frequents Vegas knows casinos come and casinos go seemingly overnight. Keeping track of which ones are still standing can be tough. So are you up on what casinos are still standing? Do you think you could name/type all the strip properties within 10 minutes? Well test your knowledge with this fun little quiz.

All you have to do is click this link, then after the window/site opens, click the green “Ready? Click to Start” button then just type in all the casino/hotel names in the text box. You don’t have to type the properties in any particular order. Once you type a correct name the name will appear over its spot on the strip.

I finished in less than 3 minutes, probably would have done it faster if I could spell better. Oh well, give it a try yourself and feel free to post your time in the comments below.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy!

Thanks Valerie for bringing this link to my attention.

The Volcano at Mirage Resort Hotel and Casino

Mirage Volcano

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas

First a little history, the volcano at the Mirage first opened in 1989, then in 1996 water, lighting, and sound effects were added. Most recently the Volcano has gone through a complete redesign at a tune of 25 Million! It reopened in December of 2008.

The Volcano and accompanying lagoon has always been a popular attraction with tourists. And for good reason:

• It’s FREE
• It is located right on the strip in front of the Mirage

With this said there should be no reason why you wouldn’t check it out.

On our January, 2010 trip we were walking down the strip when we remembered that we haven’t seen the new redesigned volcano yet. We looked at the time; it was 8:32 so we had almost a half hour wait. Because it was our last full night in Vegas we questioned whether to wait and see it or not. Well we stayed and glad we did. Check out the video and see for yourself why:

Now the video can only show so much you really need to see and experience it for yourself. The music is powerful and timed perfectly with the erupting fireballs, some reaching 12 feet in the air, and the heat from the eruption can be felt against your skin. Since it was in the 40’s it felt good, probably not so much in the summer heat.

  • The Volcano erupts nightly every hour on the hour from dusk to 11 p.m.

Verdict: The Volcano is a worthwhile attraction and merits your valuable Vegas time. It’s Free and right on the strip so I am giving it 4 out of 5 chips!

Podcast Reviews

Ahhhh… Podcasts, what a wonderful thing! After I received my first iPod, a good friend told me about podcasts (What the hell is a podcast?). After I was enlightened the first podcast topic I searched for on iTunes was Las Vegas, go figure…. 

Below you will find a list of Las Vegas podcasts along with my 2 cents worth of a review. By the way, you don’t need an iPod to listen to a podcast. You can use any mp3 player or listen right from the web.

Warning:  before you begin listening I must warn you that these podcasts can become habit forming and may cause strong urges to book LV trips regardless of the cost or amount of vacation days you have left.

Five Hundy by Midnight


I must admit this is my favorite LV podcast and hence why I listed it first. Hundy is produced weekly (usually released Sunday evenings) by Tim and Michele out of there Minnesota home. The podcast usually runs between 45-60 minutes.

This is a well done “amateur” podcast that has been around for several years now. Even though you hear airplanes flying over during the summer, Dogs slurping water out of their water bowls and ice rattling while Tim and Michelle get their drink on while recording the podcast. But please don’t let this fool you, all of this is part of the charm hundy has to offer. This podcast has a loyal following and is highly respected in the Las Vegas Podcast community. The content covers everything Las Vegas.

A large potion of the podcast is dedicated to listener reports called “Drunk Dials” where listeners call in and share anything they want about Las Vegas. Callers report on current Las Vegas trip events, reviews, deals or just trip plain drunken ramble.  Anyway  a lot of great stuff comes out of the callers. I have gotten a lot of great information from Hundys listeners.

The Strip Podcast


Of all Las Vegas podcasts, The Strip podcast is probably the most professionally done. Produced weekly by Steve and Miles these guys are residents’ with incredible connections. They offer weekly interviews with nationally recognized and local Las Vegas celebrities. Besides celebrities, real Vegas movers and shakers (aka Steve Wynn) have been interviewed. You won’t find news regurgitated here, you get news directly from the source. The content is all Las Vegas with little fluff. To be honest it took be awhile to get use to their voices and overall volume level of the podcast. Hang in there you won’t be disappointed.

Steve’s weekly tips: http://www.stevefriess.com/podcast/topsecrettips.htm

Living in LV


The theme of this podcast is exactly what the title says, but in their own words: “Living In Las Vegas Podcast gives an entertaining first-person look into what it’s like to call Sin City”. The podcast is produced monthly and usually runs for just over an hour, Scott and Melissa are the hosts.  The podcast is full of great reviews of restaurants, new attractions, hotels and shows. The hosts of this podcast are truly likable. Melissa is a Las Vegas recruiter and shares good advice on finding a job in LV and who hasn’t thought about what it would be like to live in sin city. I look forward to this podcast every month.  

The Vegas Tourist Podcast


The Vegas Tourist podcast is a good podcast with good information. The following comes directly from their website.

“Let Mark and Sazzy show you around Las Vegas.
We are a couple of locals who love the city and want to share it with the world. Warts and all. There is a lot here, so sit back and look around. We have a great podcast where we like to share our thoughts and reviews on the places, people and events that make this the entertainment capital of the world. Plus interview some interesting characters along the way.”

 To be honest I struggle with this podcast, even though it manages to produce some good information I find the hosts annoying at times (most of the time) but judge for yourself.

 Vegas Gang Podcast


The Vegas Gang podcast is a bi-weekly podcast that focuses on the gaming industry, LH politics and other issues related to Las Vegas. No “Drunk Dials” here, this is a more serious podcast with great information on the business side of Vegas. Sound quality is poor in my opinion because the podcast is a recording of a conference call. I hope this podcast continues, the participants are knowledgeable and I feel this more serious look at Vegas nicely balances the other Las Vegas podcasts.