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    • • LV's McCarran International (LAS) is the 8th busiest Airport in the U.S. and number 23 in the world, with 41.7 million passengers
    • • 79 percent of McCarran's departures and 82 percent of arrivals are on time, the average departure delay is 52 minutes and arrival delay is 50 minutes, and cancellations are at 0.6 percent
    • • McCarran Airport is only two to four miles southwest of most Las Vegas Strip hotels
    • • Metered taxi fares to major hotels on the Strip cost approximately $15–$25. A consolidated car-rental center is three miles from the terminal and is accessed by shuttle bus. ScottyVegas always rents a car.
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Las Vegas Porn Slappers or Card Flippers if you prefer..

Las Vegas is a one of a kind place that’s why I and millions of others like to frequent it as much as possible. Sure the strip is home to some of the world’s best hotels, shopping, dining, entertainment, and of course gaming. But did you know it’s also one of the best people watching spots too? Opportunities are abundant just about everywhere you go in the city of sin. But as the sun and temperature starts to go down the freak-o-meter begins to rise.

One unique “freaky” thing to Vegas is the porn slappers or card flippers as their also known. It’s interesting to hear what Vegas virgins have to say after they encounter porn slappers for the first time. In fact, I love watching unsuspecting passerby’s accept a card, look at it with a shocked expression, pass it to the person they’re with, see their shocked expression, then see them both eagerly discuss their unexpected experience.

People who’ve been before are well aware of the special cards low paying Mexican emigrants attempt to hand out to just about everyone who walks past them. The cards are baseball card sized, with pictures of one or more nude woman on them with a slogan such as, a girl to your door for a specific price.

Tip: Be warned the girls on the cards are not the girls who arrive at the door.

See porn slappers in action:

Here are some interesting facts about Las Vegas Porn Slappers:

  • Another name for porn slappers or flippers is hawkers
  • Many slappers work 12 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Surprisingly some flippers are very dedicated as some have distributed their material for over ten years!
  • Pay is low at only about $75 a day, or $6.25 an hour, less than minimum wage.
  • Many flippers are illegal immigrants
  • People who hand out handbills must have a permit to distribute them

Oh and one last thing, in case you get intrigued:

WARNING: Contrary to common belief prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas!

Although illegal inside the city of Las Vegas, prostitution is legal in many surrounding counties. In fact, Nevada is the ONLY US State to have some form of legalized prostitution.

As Gomer Pyle would say:

Surprise..Surprise Surprise….

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Get Happier in Las Vegas with Happy Hour Specials!

I always consider every hour I spend in Las Vegas Happy Hour but believe it or not it gets better! Especially, with this great tip.

I just recently found this cool website I think you just might be interested in. It’s a site that keeps track of Happy Hour Specials all over Vegas. They break down the specials by location in the following categories for easy navigation: On Strip, Off Strip, Downtown, Hotels & Casinos, and Shopping Malls.

The site does a good job of providing you with all the information you need to know such as, location, happy hour times, description of specials, and much more. As I looked around I was pleasantly surprised with some of the offerings. As you can imagine the common special is ½ drinks and ½ appetizers but some places get more creative and specific.

To be truthful I actually never really realized happy hour specials were as common as they are in Vegas. Maybe it’s an economy thing but you can bet that before my next Vegas trip I will certainly review this site and take some notes, as I’m usually ready for a break mid to late afternoon.

So whether you need a break from a losing streak, feel like taking a load off from nonstop walking or you’re simply watching your budget. I see taking advantage of a little happy hour happiness nothing short of a pure win!

Have a Happy Hour tip/experience to share? Post away in the comments below.

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BLACKJACK – know the odds, know the strategy, maximize your play!

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time now. So when I read an article in the Las Vegas Sun titled “Blackjack with poorer payouts making headway in Vegas” I decided it was time to start writing.

Of course everyone knows, or at least they should anyways, that the house (Casino) always has the edge on every single slot machine and/or table game in the place. That’s because they’re there to make money, not give it, and the chances of you winning over the long term is statistically against you. Regardless, gambling is darn fun and sometimes you do walk out with a lot more than you walked in with and hence the catch. But with that said you should also know that the house edge is not always the same, in fact it varies widely depending on what you’re playing. Blackjack is known to be a Casino game with an overall lower house edge (typically less than 1%) than other games and therefore very popular because of it.

Number of Decks

But you should also know that not all blackjack table games are the same. For instance, a single desk game (where only one desk is used and reshuffled for each game) has a lower house edge (about 0.17%) than a multiple deck shoe. So with each additional deck the houses edge goes up. Most blackjack table’s today use 6 deck shoes (with a house edge of approx 0.64%) it’s a double win for the casino as it gets a better advantage and complicates card counting.

Note: Single deck games still can be found in Las Vegas.

Tip: The more decks used = A higher house advantage

Soft 17

Another thing to remember but more confusing, for me anyways, is whether or not the dealer must hit a soft 17. The term “soft 17” means a hand that totals 17 with an ace being counted as 11. You can identify which rule is in play by looking for “S17” or “H17” printed on the felt of the blackjack table. In the “S17” game the dealer stands on all 17’s. In the “H17” game the dealer hits on soft 17’s but stands on hard 17’s. The “S17” is less favorable for the player because it has about a 0.2% greater house advantage.

Note: The term “soft” in blackjack just means that an ace in the dealers hand is being counted as 11

Tip: The “S17” game is less favorable for the player as it has a 0.2% greater house advantage.

3-2 verses 6-5

Well I guess I should explain why this matters. Say you’re playing blackjack at $10 per hand and get a blackjack, under 3-2 rules you would win $15. With 6-5 rules you only get $12.00. This $3.00 may not seem like much at the moment but if you analyze it over the longer term it quickly turns into big money. 6-5 blackjack certainly ups the casino’s advantage (a whopping 1.39%) and considered by most a sucker bet. Check out this Las Vegas Sun article from 2003 titled “Taking a hit: New blackjack odds further tilt advantage toward the house”. 6-5 was a big deal in 2003 and hasn’t stopped spreading yet especially with the recent economic obstacles.

Tip: Be smart, stay away from 6-5 blackjack instead seek out and play 3-2.

So why do people play blackjack with such unfavorable odds? Well I guess for most its ignorance. Casinos really do count on amateur gamblers not knowing the difference. Often these games are near or apart of “pleasure pits” (areas where girls dance semi clothed) or other areas where entertainment is provided. Don’t forget about all those “free” drinks, they’re there by design you know. A big plus for many is that these games usually have lower minimums, which do attract gamblers who may be aware of the odds but are on a budget or just want to enjoy the game and entertainment regardless of odds.


Unlike slots, casino war, or roulette, blackjack is not just a game of chance. Now you definitely want some luck on your side, but you should also know basic blackjack strategy if you want to increase your odds and not anger the other people playing around you. Check out “How to Play Blackjack” from The Wizard of Odds he does a good job explaining the rules and provides a great easy to understand strategy chart. There is also a link to a blackjack simulator game where you can practice. The simulator prompts you when you make a mistake and tells you the proper play. I highly recommend practicing, even if you are blackjack veteran, before playing for money.

Unfortunately as the strip “tightens up” serious gamblers may have to head off strip to find games with better odds. This is also true for video poker and slot machines for that matter, which I plan to discuss in future posts. But in the meantime, maximize your play by playing smart and remember a little knowledge goes along way.

Good luck with that Ace!!

Plan on using a cab while in Vegas? Read this first!

I can honestly say I’ve only used a cab in Vegas a hand full of times. My preferred method of transportation is by renting a car (see post on Rent a Car Tips). But with that said, using a cab can come in handy. One invaluable time was just a couple of years ago when we found ourselves on the far south end of the strip while we were staying on the far north end and it was after 2:00am. It was cold, we were tired, plus we had our fair share of adult beverages. Then the idea came to mind to use a cab. Hmmmm, walk 30-40 minutes or take an 8 or so minute cab ride? The decision didn’t take long… even though it’s typically against my frugal way to use cabs, I will certainly say that was the BEST $15 spent on that trip.

If you plan on using cabs for your transportation needs, especially if you are new to Vegas or visit infrequently, there are things you should familiarize yourself with, for instance:

Did you know?

  • Most taxicabs in southern Nevada DO NOT accept credit cards as payment
  • Las Vegas Taxi drivers cannot pick up passengers off of the street (flag or hailed ride).
  • Every casino hotel has designated cab pickup/drop-off areas
  • Taxi passengers can only be charged the amount shown on the taxi meter.
  • By law, each cab can only take 5 people, including infants and children.

These are just a few examples from Did You Know, a tip sheet published by the State of Nevada Taxicab Authority. I strongly recommend that you read through it before your next trip, I bet some of them will surprise you.

Taximeter Charges

Here’s a nice quick summary of how the taximeter charges you. (Also taken directly from the Did You Know tip sheet)

When you enter a taxicab, the driver will start the taximeter (referred to as the “drop”) and an initial charge of $3.30 will register. If a taxi ride originates at McCarran international Airport, an additional airport surcharge of $1.80 per trip is added to the taximeter. After the initial “drop”, the taximeter will assess a fare of $2.40 per mile ($.20 for each 1/12th of a mile traveled). If the taximeter senses that the taxicab is moving less than 8-12 MPH, the taximeter will assess a charge of $.20 every 24 seconds ($30.00 per hour waiting time). That is why the taximeter continues to accumulate charges even when the taxicab is not moving. Once the taximeter senses that the taxicab is moving at a speed greater than 8-12 MPH the fare calculates on the actual distance traveled.

Distance Chart

Another page you might find handy, is this chart with approximate minimum fares to various Southern Nevada locations. Use it when planning for your next trip or in helping you decide whether or not to rent a car or other mode of transportation. It covers Taxicab fares and fees along with a chart of approximate charges to/from common destinations.


Every city seems to have cabby scams. One popular scam in Las Vegas is “Getting Tunneled” or “Tunneling” these names refer to when a cabbie picks you up from the airport and takes you “Long Hauls” through a tunnel to I-15 (expressway) to your hotel on the strip. In most cases this is NOT the most direct, quickest, or most cost effective route to take. This practice is actually against the law, which, if caught (and they do), the cab driver will get fined.

So if the cab driver risks getting fined, why do they continue to do it? Simply put the reward outweighs the risk. At about $6 -7 more per trip and the fact that the Taxi Cab Authority has limited staffing the odds quickly jump in the cabbies favor.


So what can you do to avoid being tunneled? Well if you are staying on the strip simply say “No Tunnel” or ask the driver to take the most direct route to your hotel. Feel you been violated? You can file a complaint with the Taxicab Authority at (702) 486-6532 (Staffed 24 hrs.) or online taxi.state.nv.us.

Note: In order for the Taxicab Authority to investigate a complaint, you must include in your statement: Your name, date and time of incident, where it occurred, the cab company and cab number. It is also helpful to include the driver’s name and driver’s Taxicab Authority Permit number if you can get it.

Take a look at this interesting Las Vegas Review Journal Article titled “ILLEGAL CAB PRACTICE” from 2004

REMEMBER: Las Vegas may be called sin city but it is still illegal to drink and drive. So even if you are renting a car don’t be stupid and ruin your trip by taking unnecessary chances, leave those for the tables, walk or better yet take a cab!

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Advice from the Veterans, Las Vegas Traveler Style…

South End Las Vegas Strip

If you have never been to Las Vegas or haven’t been in decades you undoubtedly have some questions or at least have searched the web for some tips. I can see how a Vegas trip might stress some people out. After all, Las Vegas has tons to offer and has a reputation of being wildly expensive.

Now this isn’t an end-all guide but when I came across this forum topic I immediately thought it would be a worthwhile post. Here’s some good practical advice from well seasoned Las Vegas travelers pulled from the Trip Advisor Las Vegas Forums. I’ve added my two cents worth noted in blue text.

“Drink a bottle of water for every 2 alcoholic drinks- Nothing kills a Vegas adrenaline rush faster than a nasty hangover.” – Remember, water is your friend!

“Distances are farther than they look” – Hotels are huge and sprawling, depending on your abilities you might want to break up the strip in chunks and visit each chunk at a time.

“Set a gambling budget and stick to it!” – Play it smart and set a budget, especially if you have limited funds. Takes breaks if you’re on a losing streak, people watch, hit the pool, window shop, or partake in free entertainment. Remember there’s a ton to do in LV. Return to the game later with better luck.

“Realize the odds are against you winning, expect to lose, and consider it entertainment. But while gambling enjoy the sites, drinks, and freedom. Abiding to this will ensure a better time.” – See above

“Always sign up for players cards – you never know what you’ll get in terms of offers.” – First timers often receive freeplay or other gifts for signing up. Always give them your email address (sometimes worth an extra bonus), I enjoy reading all the email offers they send me and find them valuable when planning my next trip to wonderful LV.

“NEVER chase comps” – just 500 points for a free buffet or every 250 points gets you T-shirt, oh wait just another 100 points get me $5 bucks in “pointplay” (like freeplay) . Not always, but many comp programs, 1 point = $1.00 cycled through a slot machine. If you happen to reach that point amount fine, but don’t chase it because it might just cost you much more than it’s true value.

“Don’t plan any really big event (show, dinner, etc.) for your first night.” – traveling is much more involved these days, especially if you’re flying. Arrive two hours before departure, time to fly, transportation to your hotel, check-in process, and now finally getting to your room. All this can be exhausting. The last thing you need is to be somewhere at a set time. Remember delays happen when traveling. So on your first day/night chill out and just enjoy where you’re at and play it by ear.

“Go to Fontana Bar at Bellagio and ask to sit outside. Have at least one drink (they are expensive) and enjoy the fountains close up. It’s breathtaking.” – This one’s on my to-do list I’ve heard it is fantastic. Also I believe specials can be had after lunch but before dinner.

“Believe it or not I’d say bring comfortable shoes. You’ll be amazed on how much walking you’ll do” – Casino Hotels are large, sidewalk are not straight, escalators to overpasses fail frequently. Walking the strip in high heels or dress shoes at 3:00pm is stupid. Do yourself a favor and WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!

“Wear comfortable clothes” – Similar to above. If you are going out for a nice dinner, show, or club, fine, dress to impress. Just walking the strip? Who cares! Wear nice, clean comfortable clothes. Remember summers are HOT and winter can be cold, dress appropriate!

“The girls on the front of the slapper’s cards are NOT the ones that actually come to your room” – Hmmm… I have no experience with this one… so I’ll take this persons word for it.

“If it’s your first time to LV, don’t try and do everything because you’ll be back!” – Oh how true, realize there is a ton to see and do. Do a little research before you arrive so you get an idea of what’s available, pick a couple then play the rest by ear. It won’t be long before you’ll want your next LV fix then rinse and repeat.

“Don’t arrive with a plan or agenda to see or do something every minute of every day. Book a show or two, maybe a special meal or two. But leave some time for things to just “happen” depending on what you feel like doing at the moment” – Wish I would have read this before I typed the comment above… yep well said

“Don’t be afraid to try a table game or ask a dealer how to play if they aren’t too busy. They are usually happy to help.” – There are many online and retail casino game simulators to learn and practice on. Also many casino’s offer FREE lessons. Dealer quality varies but many are more than willing to help. Don’t forget to throw your dealer a chip every once in awhile if they’re doing a good job.

“Don’t feel you need to pull all-nighters just because you’re in Vegas. Vegas is 24 hours, your body is not” – The only place time exists in Vegas is on your watch. Be wise and get some sleep because if you don’t it won’t take long before you’ll be walking the strip looking and feeling like a zombie. Now if I could only get my wife to understand this.

“Leave the babies/kids, non-gamblers, naysayers, people without money, and duds at home. If you don’t your fun is in jeopardy.” – Vegas has little to nothing to offer these types, follow this one closely

I hope this post provided some useful advice or at least a bit of entertainment. Anyway, like always feel free to share your own advice in the comments below.

Las Vegas Rent A Car Tips

Northbound LVB

For me the only way to get around Las Vegas is by renting a car. It’s a perfect place to store your luggage when arriving early in the day or departing late at night. Checking out off strip properties (Better table odds with low minimums) or visiting local attractions is something I enjoy doing early each day. As a bonus, food is much cheaper off the strip too.

McCarran Airport uses a free shuttle service located on the ground level that takes you to a rent a car center. Signs are posted everywhere making navigation to it easy. Shuttle buses are plentiful and lines move quickly. Once boarded it is only about an eight minute drive to the center.

Tip: I found Dollar rent a car to have the best deals in Vegas. If you have an American Express card they have a standing 10% discount with promo code: AX10. Book early for the best deals and check frequently. If you find a better deal, book it and cancel the old one. I have been very lucky doing this. Also Dollar offers Dollar Express, once you sign up (FREE) it allows you to bypass the often loooong lines at the counter and go directly to the Express booth where your paper work is already waiting. After signing a few times you are off to your car. They will point you in the direction of the car class you reserved and tell you to pick out the one you want.

Tip: Not all cars have power locks and windows (Yes, they still make these). It’s my recommendation that you pick one up with at least power locks. It’s amazing how dependent we’ve become to them. If you don’t it will soon become evident the first time you run back to double check the doors. I made this mistake once and will never again forget to check for power locks.

Regardless of the car rental company you choose, look over the car carefully. I have never had a problem through Dollar but there is always a first time. Remember note on the paper any dents or scratches, and don’t forget the interior.

Tip: I often make note of a few extra in common areas just in case.

Now that you have picked out your car and checked it over, you are ready to go. Your final stop is the exit booth where they will check over your paperwork and lower the bar so you can exit.

Once you exit the center you only need to make two right hand turns to get on Las Vegas Boulevard! When on LVB just head straight (North) to “The Strip”.

Tip: The Famous Las Vegas Sign will be on your left hand side (in median) just outside The Strip. There is parking available so you can take pictures but you can only enter the parking lot from the South bound side. So if interested, loop around and take pictures, as you will see everyone else is at all hours of the day and night.

Returning cars to the center is just as easy as there are plenty of signs to direct you to the rent a car center. I know at dollar you simply drive up where you will be met by a check-in person who scans your paperwork, then car and finally hands you a receipt. Yes it’s that easy! Next, just make your way to the shuttle bus that will take you to your airport terminal.

Tip: Before leaving remember to verify amount charged with amount quoted. On my last trip they forgot to apply a discount. Hey $15 bucks is $15 bucks! I simply went to the return counter where the adjustment was quickly applied pain free.

Dang! This was supposed to be a short and quick post… Sorry I wanted to make sure I covered everything.

One last Tip: If you have a GPS bring it and don’t forget to update it before you leave. The rental companies charge $9.00 or more per day to rent one. Trust me a GPS is gold when driving around Vegas.

Flamingo $20 Dollar Trick Upgrade Gone Wrong?

The Flamingo

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas

My buddy, let’s call him Paws, just got back from Vegas. Inspired by my post: Free Room Upgrade? Let me introduce you to “The $20 Trick” he decided to give the trick a try since he was going to be in town for four nights in a standard room.

Paws approached the Flamingo reservation desk and presented the twenty bucks sandwich style and inquired about an upgrade. The reservation host took the twenty, set it aside, and said she could accommodate his request. Everything went smooth.

As Paws approached his now “suite” upgrade he noticed a larger than normal door. He entered and was immediately hit with a strong cigarette smoke smell. He then noticed the large oversized bathroom door. Well needless to say it didn’t take long for Paws to realize he was in an OLD special needs accessibility suite. But now tired and hungry from the flight, he put down his luggage and headed for some food and drinks.

Several hours later Paws returns, now exhausted and buzzed, heads for bed. When he pulled back the covers he had the strange feeling that the linens on the bed weren’t changed from the previous occupier. But given his current condition Paws got in anyway. After laying there for a few minutes trying to get comfortable he felt something change. Paws reached down by his feet and extracted a dirty sock that wasn’t his! He immediately threw it across the room and promptly fell asleep, ahhhhh…….the miracle of alcohol

Besides the sock there was a host of other issues, mainly due to the fact that the room hasn’t been updated in decades. Regardless, the next morning Paws went down to complain and was quickly moved to another cruddy standard non-refurbished Flamingo room.

Lessons learned / Tip: Don’t stay at Flamingo and be aware the “Trick” may not always work in your favor.

FYI – The other sock was never found. (Not to imply that Paws was looking for it)

What would you NEVER do again in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Strip

Originally uploaded by scottyvegas2

Oh what a great question this is. I frequently peruse and participate in forum discussions at Trip Advisor. Someone posted this question and as you could imagine it received an overwhelming response with over 120 replies. I found the replies both entertaining and informative. They kind of answer many questions people ask or wonder about when planning a Vegas trip. The replies have confirmed mental notes I have made to myself, “NEVER eat at the Riviera Hotel Casino buffet again!” and so on…….

Since I enjoyed them so much I thought you might enjoy them as well so I went through them all and plucked out my favorite, cleaned them up and made a few comments. Regardless of how many times you’ve been to Vegas you should be able to take something away from these.

TipTrip Advisor is a great site for hotel reviews and everything else trip related regardless of where you’re headed. I use it to get hotel price ranges, see honest photos taken by reviewers, and to review area attractions. I highly recommend it, check it out.


Forum Replies:

NEVER go to Circus Circus or Slots a Funk (Fun) again!

I would NEVER do so much shopping without working out how to get my purchases home first – or leave shipping everything until the last day!

I’ll NEVER spend New years Eve in Vegas again

I will NEVER leave Vegas before 6:30am – You don’t know how bad this is until you’ve done it, avoid if at all possible

I will NEVER eat at the IP (Imperial Palace) buffet again

I will probably NEVER go to Las Vegas with family (parents, sister, brother, niece, ect.) again. I find it very hard to have an intimate family time in Vegas.

I will NEVER go when money is so tight I have to watch every penny.

I will NEVER take a red eye flight to Vegas without having a room ready when we arrived.

I will NEVER take money from an ATM from my credit card. Fees are ridiculous.

I will NEVER visit Las Vegas for only one or two nights.

NEVER ever keep playing the same slot machine, because I was stupid to think it’s going to hit.

I will NEVER stay at a dump like the Riviera again to save money

I will NEVER book a red eye flight home when checking out of my hotel at 11 am that day – Having a rent a car is priceless in this situation

I will NEVER put more than $20 in a non-paying slot thinking that “it is bound to start hitting!”

I will NEVER stay Off Strip again. I am a Strip person, through and through.

We will NEVER see the Blue Man Group again – This one surprised me, but there were several postings, I guess it’s not for everyone

We will NEVER go with family & friends who only have a $20 budget (per day)! – I can’t even imagine!

NEVER get lured into Casino Royale with “free money” from their Zoltar fortune-telling machine. First you had to sign up for their casino card and then learned that you will be playing certain “special” slots machines with the credit to win a chance at a pot. It took forever to lose all our “free money”. We should have just walked away. – Been there, done that, live and learn

I will NEVER go to another timeshare presentation – that was 3 hours wasted out of 4 days of precious Vegas time.

I will NEVER walk from New York New York to the stratosphere because it didn’t look that far. – Distances are deceiving on the strip
and the sidewalks aren’t straight

I will NEVER ever go with none gamblers again they stand behind you and say why do you think this is fun? What is the attraction? As my other friend said they just “sucked all the fun out of gambling”. – Once again, I can’t imagine

I will NEVER remember that the Tropicana casino is not worth walking across the bridge to visit it.

I will NEVER gamble more than the amount I plan for each day. Never chase comps!

I will NEVER again go see the Show in the Sky at the Rio. – Don’t get me started…

I will NEVER go to Las Vegas and think I will get by on my winnings.

I will NEVER go over my personal drink limit while gambling. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I will NEVER book a flight somewhere else with an 8 hour layover in Vegas. Sounded fun at the time. I lost more on that layover than our regular vacation.

I will NEVER again stay in 5 hotels in 6 nights.

I will NEVER forget that I’m in Las Vegas on vacation, and given my limited time there, there are some things more important than saving $10 on something….

I will NEVER stay at a hotel with the idea that it’s just a place to sleep and clean up at. I discovered that a nice room DOES matter.

I will NEVER drink too much and spend the following day or two trying to recover- Vegas time is too precious – Amen

I will NEVER ever go with friends who bring their kid! – See Post: Children in Vegas

I’ll NEVER go to Bonanza (world’s largest gift shop) again

I will NEVER again worry about a strip view when I NEVER look out the window once after the day I arrive….I would prefer a better room that a better view.

I will NEVER again buy new shoes for a Vegas trip

I will NEVER stay at the same hotel for 6 years (MGM). Once I started checking out different hotels (off and on the strip) I was addicted. – I love trying new hotels

NEVER buy a wristband pass to a club from the street promoters even if they are legitimate, they will tell you anything to sell you the wristbands. – Never buy anything from a street vendor/person

I will NEVER again decide it is a great idea to do a round of golf midday when the temperature is 120.

I will NEVER again leave all my money in Vegas again!

Have your own “NEVER do again in Vegas” you would like to share? Well go ahead leave it in comments.

Free Room Upgrade? Let me introduce you to “The $20 Trick”

The Twenty dollar trick is a popular subject on many Vegas forums and is often mentioned on podcasts. In fact there are entire websites dedicated to it. The basic theory of the trick is to tip the hotel registration clerk $20 in exchange for a complementary upgrade.

As you may know Vegas hotels often have many different promotions going on at any one time. These promotions are identified by promo codes and are often sent to player club card holders through direct mailings or email. It’s my understanding that it’s up to the registration clerk’s discretion whether to upgrade customers. So the twenty dollars acts as a little incentive to upgrade you.

The trick requires a little finesse. You just don’t wave a twenty around screaming free upgrade. The preferred method is to fold a twenty and place it between your driver’s license and the credit card you reserved the room under. While some suggest a wrap around, that is, wrap a twenty around your credit card. Which ever method you try make sure the folds are crisp as you don’t want the twenty to unfold and sit on the counter like a dead fish. When handing the clerk your information make sure the twenty is visible and ask “is there any complementary upgrades available?” they will either quickly dismiss it by saying no and most likely hand you the twenty back or they will look to see what rooms or promo codes are available.

I can’t help to think if anything is this popular Vegas hotels registration clerk’s and hotel management must be well aware of it so I wonder if the word “trick” is even appropriate. Regardless, many people have been successful trying this trick. But be aware that upgrades vary widely, reading user experiences in the links before will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Tip: Another spin on the trick is if you have already reserved a higher end room, instead of asking for a complementary upgrade specifically ask about a complementary “suite upgrade“.

Tip: When you go may be key to your success. If you are there during a large convention or major holiday the hotel may be either fully booked or close to it and hence less likely to be upgraded. On the other hand, if you arrive Monday afternoon during a quiet week your chances increase significantly.

Now I have never tried the trick myself but plan on doing so during our January 2010 trip. I am just going to consider it my first gamble of the trip. After all, it’s only twenty dollars. I will let you know how it goes…..

More Information

Front Desk Tip Is a good site with lots of information including a “How to” guide and stats of success by hotel. This site also has “Field Reports” by readers on their experiences.

Note – No need to login or sign up to get most information.

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Vegas Deals by Text? Yes, You Heard Correctly

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While perusing the web I happened to stumble upon this site which I thought you might find interesting. So here’s the deal, Vegas Deals by Text allows you to sign up to receive various offers, that you select, to your cell phone through text messaging or by email. From the looks of things it appears, my impression anyways, that this site is fairly new. Regardless, offers are available in the following categories:

  • Casino offers – rooms, drinks, dinning!
  • Discounted show tickets!
  • Special night club events and discounts!
  • Golf offers and more!

Sign up procedures for offers vary. Some you do directly on Vegas Deals by Text, others you need to text a message from your phone, while others direct you to another site which is usually the resort or show offering location itself.

Here are some examples of offers you can expect:

  • “2 for 1 drinks @ Harrahs Flamingo IP or Osheas Bars. Redeem txt @ TR or Players Club.”
  • “2 for 1 tickets to George Wallace or Vinnie Favorito. Redeem @ TR or Players Club Booth.”
  • “Rooms from $59 w/ Free 24 hr WiFi, 2 inner tube rentals, & $35 activity credit! Use code INB284 to book now 800-639-9398 or http://m.mgmgrand.com
  • “OVERSEED IS COMPLETE! Book tee times online starting at $30 for play on or before Oct. 1st.”
  • “Show this text at Hooters Casino to receive free ticket to Todd Paul with purchase of drink. Must be at least 21.”

 So if you are planning a Vegas trip, why not sign up and save some money? I did, and will post in comments any offers I receive or take advantage of.

Good Luck!