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    • • LV's McCarran International (LAS) is the 8th busiest Airport in the U.S. and number 23 in the world, with 41.7 million passengers
    • • 79 percent of McCarran's departures and 82 percent of arrivals are on time, the average departure delay is 52 minutes and arrival delay is 50 minutes, and cancellations are at 0.6 percent
    • • McCarran Airport is only two to four miles southwest of most Las Vegas Strip hotels
    • • Metered taxi fares to major hotels on the Strip cost approximately $15–$25. A consolidated car-rental center is three miles from the terminal and is accessed by shuttle bus. ScottyVegas always rents a car.
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Ice Cream Challenge in Las Vegas

icecreamrmseafoodDo you like a challenge? Consider yourself an ice cream efficiendo? Or just Looking for something fun to do in Vegas that won’t cost you your bankroll?  If you have answered yes to any of these then check this out.

RM Seafood in Mandalay Bay has a fun challenge for you. If you can correctly guess 16 ice cream and sorbet flavors then the cost to you is FREE. If you should fail the challenge, and you most likely will, then you only need to cough up $18 dollars. Flavors vary from your everyday variety to bizarro exotic so prepare to be challenged in a cool fun way!

Play a legend and possibly become a millionaire

Did you know that a slot machine legend still exists in the Las Vegas MGM Grand? It’s called Lion’s Share a lone survivor of a bank of $1.00 progressive slot machines from yesteryears past. Okay I guess “yesteryear” may give the wrong impression, the machine is actually from the 1990’s. Anyway, apparently Nevada gaming laws states it can’t be removed until someone hit’s the $2.2 plus million dollar jackpot.

Now for the best part, theoretically this machine should have hit a long time and therefore “should be” way overdue to hit. Also unlike lottery or other large value progressive jackpots the Lion’s Share jackpot will be paid off in one lump sum not over regular installments. And rumor has it the jackpot winner will even be able to keep the machine!

Watch the Lion’s Share in Action.

 Found on youtube.com (Warning: contains profanity)

This machine has gained in popularity over the last several years. It’s often talked about on several Las Vegas themed Podcasts and has its only twitter feed

Tip: This machine is not ticket in, ticket out its old school hand pay

Tip: I found this on MGM Grand’s website announcing exclusive high payout progressive slot machines.

For even more excitement, try our custom machines that you won’t find anywhere else in Las Vegas. Majestic Lions, our most popular $1 progressive machines, pay out over $750,000 each day. Want more? For a chance to win $1,000,000, take our exclusive Reel Millions and Lion’s Share machines for a spin.

Even though I’ve known about this machine for some time now I’ve never played it. I have asked slot attendants about its location and they have told me it’s in the rear of the casino.  But for some reason or another I’ve never gone to check it out. But it’s a new year my friends and with only 8 days to go until my next trip and from the excitement of writing this post I truly believe I am going to be the Lion’s Share jackpot winner! I plan on playing the machine on January 17, 2012 sometime before noon. Don’t believe me? Follow me on Twitter or watch the news and look for the announcement.

Post Trip Update

As you may have guessed I was not successful in my quest to become the Lion’s Share progressive Jackpot winner. My second spin yielded $30 bucks so I thought I was on my way and at one point I even stood up like Babe Ruth, eyed by opponent, pointed at the jackpot, and swung.. .I mean, pushed the button. But unlike Babe Ruth’s crushing home run I fell back in my chair in defeat as the Lion’s Share machine mocked me by leaving me an empty payline.

Stung, but determined, I pushed on searching out my next opportunity. It didn’t take long as around the corner stood MGM’s Majestic Lion’s. These too are $1.00 progressive machines but after they hit they reset to $1,000. Of the 25 or so machines I don’t think a single one had a jackpot over $1,100. Before diving in I stood and observed the hand full of people playing. It didn’t take long for me to realize these machines had something going on. I put in some money, had a few hits but again fell short. My wife came over and put in a $20, she hit for $300 on her first spin.

The next day we again visited the Majestic Lion’s. We both put in a $10 and on the third or so spin hit for another $300. The short time we were there several other people hit for $300 and while looking around I noticed that several of the machines that had larger amount were reset indicating they were hit. Needless to say these are active machines.

On your next Las Vegas trip plan to stop by the Lion’s Share machine and drop in a few bucks but don’t blow it all, save some for the Majestic Lions as they are some playful cats.

Good Luck and Happy Gaming!

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Pawn Stars Las Vegas Revisited

We first visited Pawn Stars (Gold & Silver Pawn) back in January of 2010 (see original post here). On that visit we parked with ease and just walked right in. We saw everyone from the show except Corey (Big Hoss). Chumlee was just standing there helping customers and the old man was well doing his thing. Items for sale were numerous and wide ranging from video games for a few bucks to Rolex watches and beyond. The Pawn Star TV show souvenir area was very small with only a few items to choose from.

Speed up 18 months and wow have things changed! The parking lot is packed, cabs are lined up to cart curious fans to and from the strip, and there’s a line to enter the shop.

Tip: Long lines form outside the Pawn Shop but don’t worry they move fast

 Once inside more changes are quickly noticeable. The pawn shop has seemed to morph from an everyday working pawn shop to a tourist attraction. Yes there are still “pawn shop” items for sale but they’re limited. The remaining space it occupied with items that were featured on the show and a very large Pawn Stars souvenir area.

Oh, and one more thing that’s changed since our first visit. The pawn shop staff has increased 2 fold but not a single Pawn Star “celebrity” was seen. Since I was traveling with my daughters who were eager to see someone from the show I asked one of the female associates behind the counter the question. I said I’m going to ask you a question I bet you hate. She said, Please don’t. I said I’m gonna with a smile and proceeded to ask the dreaded question, are the Pawn Stars here and when/if they be coming out? Her reply was not surprising, she said, yes they’re here and no way will they be coming out. She continued to say, they can’t come out because the fans get way to crazy.
So there you go, if you’re planning on visiting the Silver & Gold Pawn Shop aka “Pawn Stars” on your next Las Vegas visit. Take your picture by the Gold & Silver Pawnshop sign, go in and look at the items you saw on TV show but don’t expect to see the guys from the show.

Have something interesting you would like to sell or pawn? If so, then you might have a chance to be on the show yourself. Check out this History Channel link or email Pawnstarstvshow@gmail.com with a text description of the item.

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Las Vegas Area Thrills by Land and Air

Las Vegas Area Thrills by Land and Air

For most, the Las Vegas strip itself offers enough excitement with all its gambling and entertainment possibilities. Plus if you factor in all the colorful characters that inhabit the area, well, do you really need more excitement? But if you’re looking to kick it up a notch and go beyond the usual, you just might find the following off-strip thrills right for you.

Fremont Street Flightlinez

Looking to sample zip-lining? If so, then why not head down to Fremont Street where you can glide 800 feet down Fremont Street, 67 feet in the air, while reaching speeds up to 30 mph. Don’t let the short ride fool you, trust me, it’s a blast. After harnessing up, the leap off the platform takes a little nerve after you realize you’re placing your life in the hands of some nylon straps and a cable!  But once in flight you’ll appreciate this smooth and easy ride, you’ll be glad you did it.

Flightlinez is open daily with rates as low as $15, see website for details.

Tip: While downtown, take a walk around. You’ll find lower table minimums, better blackjack odds, and a variety dining options.

Tip: The American Casino Guide has many coupons for downtown properties. Coupons include food discounts, free Play (slots) and match play (tables) offers

Bootleg Canyon Flightlines

Looking for the ultimate zip-line adventure? Then head 25 miles southeast to Boulder City where you will find multi-run, multi-line series of zip-lines that range in length from 1150 to 2550 feet and speeds that reach 50 mph! The total length of zip-lining fun is 1.56 miles. The cost is $149 (as of this writing) and lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

See Bootleg Canyon Flightlines website for details

Tip: Hoover Dam is only 7 miles from Bootleg Canyon Flightlines or 35 miles from the Las Vegas strip.  Not in a hurry? do a Dam drive by. Have more time? Take the Dam Tour!

Land Sailing

Looking to try something totally different? Well here’s your chance to sail a land yacht (think 3 wheeled cart with a sail) across 6 miles of wide open smooth desert space and reach speeds of 60 mph!! The website claims its “fast, fun, easy & safe – anyone can do it”.

The cost is $125 (as of this writing) for 2 hour regattas. It’s located just 40 miles south of Las vegas (all highway), see the website for details

Tip: Find Go Land Sailing money saving coupons here

I first saw Go Land Sailing advertised on Groupon. After looking it up I instantly became interested as something I would love to try.

Tip: Check out Primm Valley Casino Resorts and Outlet Mall

Primm Valley

If you decide to go land sailing, then why not plan to spend some time at Primm Valley Casinos and the Outlet Mall. After all, the meet up point for the Land Sailing Regatta begins in the outlet mall parking lot.

Primm Valley Casino Resorts and Outlet Mall is located 40 miles south of Las Vegas right off the highway. Though I wouldn’t make a special trip again, the area does offer a variety of attractions to warrant a stop if passing through. Three casino’s make up this area, Buffalo Bill’s, Primm Valley, and Whiskey Pete’s. These locals style casinos do offer lower table minimums with better odds then the Las Vegas strip and buffet food prices are very reasonable.  Surprisingly some quality entertainment visits this complex (check schedule here) and the recently updated room rates are very low.

Primm Valley Area Attractions:

  • Desperado Roller Coaster, Adventure Canyon Log Flume Ride, and other theme park style rides
  • Carolee Movie Theatre
  • 3 Casinos with monorail service to all properties.
  • Famous Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas in Primm. Over 100 Designer Outlets including Polo, Coach, Kenneth Cole and more.
  • Two Golf Courses designed by renowned golf architect Tom Fazio.

As a frequent Las Vegas visitor I always rent a car to do some off strip exploring, usually in the mornings. Rental cars are very reasonable in Las Vegas and once off the strip navigation is rather easy. So if you’re up for a little adventure, get out and explore the other side of Las Vegas!

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Las Vegas Porn Slappers or Card Flippers if you prefer..

Las Vegas is a one of a kind place that’s why I and millions of others like to frequent it as much as possible. Sure the strip is home to some of the world’s best hotels, shopping, dining, entertainment, and of course gaming. But did you know it’s also one of the best people watching spots too? Opportunities are abundant just about everywhere you go in the city of sin. But as the sun and temperature starts to go down the freak-o-meter begins to rise.

One unique “freaky” thing to Vegas is the porn slappers or card flippers as their also known. It’s interesting to hear what Vegas virgins have to say after they encounter porn slappers for the first time. In fact, I love watching unsuspecting passerby’s accept a card, look at it with a shocked expression, pass it to the person they’re with, see their shocked expression, then see them both eagerly discuss their unexpected experience.

People who’ve been before are well aware of the special cards low paying Mexican emigrants attempt to hand out to just about everyone who walks past them. The cards are baseball card sized, with pictures of one or more nude woman on them with a slogan such as, a girl to your door for a specific price.

Tip: Be warned the girls on the cards are not the girls who arrive at the door.

See porn slappers in action:

Here are some interesting facts about Las Vegas Porn Slappers:

  • Another name for porn slappers or flippers is hawkers
  • Many slappers work 12 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Surprisingly some flippers are very dedicated as some have distributed their material for over ten years!
  • Pay is low at only about $75 a day, or $6.25 an hour, less than minimum wage.
  • Many flippers are illegal immigrants
  • People who hand out handbills must have a permit to distribute them

Oh and one last thing, in case you get intrigued:

WARNING: Contrary to common belief prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas!

Although illegal inside the city of Las Vegas, prostitution is legal in many surrounding counties. In fact, Nevada is the ONLY US State to have some form of legalized prostitution.

As Gomer Pyle would say:

Surprise..Surprise Surprise….

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Get Happier in Las Vegas with Happy Hour Specials!

I always consider every hour I spend in Las Vegas Happy Hour but believe it or not it gets better! Especially, with this great tip.

I just recently found this cool website I think you just might be interested in. It’s a site that keeps track of Happy Hour Specials all over Vegas. They break down the specials by location in the following categories for easy navigation: On Strip, Off Strip, Downtown, Hotels & Casinos, and Shopping Malls.

The site does a good job of providing you with all the information you need to know such as, location, happy hour times, description of specials, and much more. As I looked around I was pleasantly surprised with some of the offerings. As you can imagine the common special is ½ drinks and ½ appetizers but some places get more creative and specific.

To be truthful I actually never really realized happy hour specials were as common as they are in Vegas. Maybe it’s an economy thing but you can bet that before my next Vegas trip I will certainly review this site and take some notes, as I’m usually ready for a break mid to late afternoon.

So whether you need a break from a losing streak, feel like taking a load off from nonstop walking or you’re simply watching your budget. I see taking advantage of a little happy hour happiness nothing short of a pure win!

Have a Happy Hour tip/experience to share? Post away in the comments below.

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Major League Baseball in Las Vegas?

Do you care? I do, I love baseball and I love Vegas. I’m especially interested because Las Vegas is classified as an American League city and the thought of my beloved Detroit Tigers playing in my favorite playground gets me excited. The Las Vegas Sun just recently published an article about this very subject. Apparently an existing major league team is looking at Las Vegas as a possible new home. It’s still unclear what team it is but many believe it’s the Oakland A’s, Hmmm…. The Las Vegas Ace’s maybe? Or is it the Kansas City Royals? How about The Las Vegas Royal Flushes?

Of course a dome would have to be built because of the extreme summer temperatures. But let’s take it a bit further, how about building a Stadium/Hotel/Casino and take the theming concept to the extreme? I can see it now a retractable roof stadium with hotel rooms and balconies overlooking the field. And the buffet could consist of endless hotdogs, nachos, peanuts, and such. Oh and the casino could have baseball memorabilia throughout (think Hard Rock Café style). Heck, top it all off and hire Pete Rose to be the official hotel greeter. Put this all together and you would have a great money making tourist attraction!

Wishful kidding aside, I think a Major League Baseball team would be good for the city. Baseball has a long playing season with many loyal fans. Plus when you consider Las Vegas has something to offer just about everyone…. I see nothing but a win for all, fans in the seats, restaurants, and casinos.

Unfortunately I don’t see a team coming to Vegas anytime soon as there are many hurdles to overcome like stadium financing, professional league sports and gambling issues, and a host of others like Vegas’ lack luster economy.

Sure it’s nice to dream, and I would visit if it ever happened, but I don’t think the house has the advantage on this one, at this time. What do you think?

How Well Do You Know The Las Vegas Strip Properties?

Anyone who frequents Vegas knows casinos come and casinos go seemingly overnight. Keeping track of which ones are still standing can be tough. So are you up on what casinos are still standing? Do you think you could name/type all the strip properties within 10 minutes? Well test your knowledge with this fun little quiz.

All you have to do is click this link, then after the window/site opens, click the green “Ready? Click to Start” button then just type in all the casino/hotel names in the text box. You don’t have to type the properties in any particular order. Once you type a correct name the name will appear over its spot on the strip.

I finished in less than 3 minutes, probably would have done it faster if I could spell better. Oh well, give it a try yourself and feel free to post your time in the comments below.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy!

Thanks Valerie for bringing this link to my attention.

Top 20 Signs You Spend Too Much Time in Vegas

Not so long ago someone posted the question “Signs that you visit Vegas a lot” on the TripAdvisor LV Forums and as usual the question brought a lot of responses. I was quite entertained as I read through the responses and realized I had much in common with many of them. So I decided to consolidate the responses into a Top 20 list.

20. You wear your bungee cord that holds your players cards as costume jewelry.

19. Your barber is in Las Vegas.

18. When someone asks for your employee number, you give your rewards number.

17. When you put on a pair of slacks and have a 25% chance of finding a Vegas receipt in them.

16. You get more offers in the mail than regular mail

15.  The ring tone on your phone sounds like a slot machine going off or is Vegas themed

14.  You spend way too much time at work, reading the TripAdvisor LV forum.

13. You know which towers are renovated in most strip hotels

12. You check out the Las Vegas Sun weekly but never check out your local newspaper

11.  When you step off the plane at McCarran, you feel like you have arrived home- rather than feeling that you have arrived at your vacation destination.

10.  Your office calendar is a Vegas calendar

9.  You check your e-mail first thing in the morning, and more than 50% of them are about Vegas.

8. You know where all the bathrooms are and which casino as the cleanest ones.

7.  You know all the flights from your home airports and people ask you for advice on which to take.

6. You have a CONSTANT countdown clock for your next Vegas trip.

5. You can describe the smell in great detail of several casinos.

4. You constantly check the price of package deals to Vegas, even when you don’t have a trip planned.

3. Strangers at work come up to you and say “I am going to Vegas next week and I need some advice.”

2. When a Vegas question comes up on Cash Cab or Jeopardy and you always nail the answer (with enthusiasm)!

And the number one sign you spend too much time in Vegas………………

1. You have a part time job as a porn slapper

Band starts…. phase out… go to commercial….American Casino Guide – 2010 Edition (Be smart, buy one today! )

When Heading to Vegas Do You Pack Anything Odd?


Here is another topic that was brought up on the Trip Advisor Las Vegas forum that caught my attention, “Do you pack anything odd”. People are weird, that goes without saying. But some of these replies are crazy! Now I have my quirks and anyone who knows me can certainly confirm this. But really, bringing your own showerhead to Vegas?? Talk about anal retentive! Most of these are just plain wacky but a few are actually good. Read on and believe me I am not making this stuff up.

“I like to bring my teddy bear. Can’t sleep well without it” – Issues?

“flashlights, coffee makers, immersion heaters, Lysol, sheets, showerheads, pillows, blankets, bottles of booze, water, and bags of snacks.” – They forgot to mention their grocery cart to carry all this shit in to the bridge their sleeping under.

“I forget once every other trip and end up buying $15 chapstick that I hate” – I’ve never seen $15 Chapstick and would certainly never pay that amount. FYI – there are many CVS and Walgreens along the strip to buy $1 Chapstick.

“I bring a couple of clothespins to clip the drapes – they always seem to gap and let the sun in.” – Ahhh.. I find this one useful, I hate when that happens

“I always pack my table top fan. I have to have the noise to go to sleep at night.” – at $25 a bag these days…really?

“I always pack my coffee maker, coffee, creamer, sweet and low and a spoon and cup– and I always have my checked bag opened and searched by TSA as a result of this. I guess it looks weird on the X ray machine. I’ve gotten so used to finding that little “love note” in my bag that I now leave the TSA a little love note of my own thanking them for being so vigilant. You always get more flies with honey than with vinegar!” – In case you’re wondering they do sell coffee in Vegas there’s no reason to go through all this trouble.

“soft side collapsible cooler (can be used for extra bag if we buy too much).” – I love this one! Believe it or not, not all rooms (even the high end ones) have refrigerators.

“coasters – I hate wet furniture” – Of all things? Wet furniture is this persons kryptonite

“garbage bag – for my dirty clothes” – I personally use the plastic laundry bag that’s usually on the hanger in the closet

“crystal light single sticks – for a quick cheap drink. Sometimes the soda machine is a mile down the hall and I hate paying $3 for a soda.” – Sure why not and an instant mixer too

“Get the travel underwear, they dry quick. You only need two pair for any length of trip.” – Speechless…. only the acronym WTF comes to mind!!!

“I always bring a Disney world antenna topper for the rental car. Makes your car much easier to spot at the valet.” – If they can’t see their car at valet this person shouldn’t be driving!

“I have mentioned before a flashlight and a roll of duct tape can be a lifesaver in a hotel fire. the duct tape is to seal the door from smoke.” – This person acts as if hotel fires are a common occurrence… but then again, I hope this guy is in the adjoining room on my next visit

Personally I bring extra socks. You never know when you’ll lose one. 🙂

Have anything odd you would like to share? Feel free to post them in the comments below.

(Remember, keep it clean Coburn!)